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You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” Let’s get real – yes it is about whether you win or lose, but it’s also about how you play the game.

Part of being an athlete at any level is performing well in your chosen sport(s). It’s a given. It’s what is at the heart of competition – the reward that can come with seeking out the limits of personal achievement. And isn’t it also about possibility? About the amazement of recognizing your potential and striving to attain it.

The sport journey in and of itself can be a huge reward - not to mention the tangible benefits of awards, medals, prize money, and recognition. And along with the passion and thrill of reaching potential and the glory of realizing sport success, comes the inevitable challenges:  pressures, insecurities, temptations, and even fears. This is a very real aspect of the sports experience, and a very authentic part of the journey. It is how you navigate all of these aspects that define what kind of athlete you will be.

You see it every day - rule violations, egregious ethics breaches by authority figures, abhorrent and sometimes dangerous fan behavior, rabid parents behaving badly, and of course use of performance-enhancing drugs. These behaviors trickle down to the youth level with concerns like early specialization, overtraining, overuse injuries, competitive and scholarship pressure, overzealous parents, intolerant and/or under-qualified coaches, and even performance-enhancing tactics at earlier ages. These issues lead to the win-at-all costs culture we too often experience in sport today, creating a singular focus on winning, without consideration of what it actually means to achieve.

More than 200 million Americans participate on some level in sport. Sport impacts our society at every level: from little-leaguers to Olympians, from weekend warriors to professional competitors – and our youth deserve to have teachers, parents and coaches equipped with resources to impart character development and positive values.

At least 50 million young people are involved in sport. The vast majority will not go on to elite-level, collegiate, or professional careers, and will benefit from sport experiences in other important life endeavors. We have at least 50 million reasons to support and protect the inherently positive life lessons learned through true sport.

Time to do something about it.



My opponent is not my enemy...

I will play hard and play to win. I will use all of my mad skills. I will use all of my strength and if I get lucky I will use that too. I will play with competitive fire that burns within like a furnace but I will also play fair because that’s who I am. That’s how I roll. And it isn’t enough to win the game. I want to win your respect, too. And after the game is over, let’s get together over a juice box and peanut butter crackers (or apple wedges if it’s Brianna’s mom’s turn).

I don’t have to cheat you to beat you.


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TrueSport  is powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), empowering athletes and sports enthusiasts to love the game, not the trophy.

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