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TrueSport knows that
sport plays an important
role in our society,
providing physical, social,
and emotional
development for youth.
And, the values of good sportsmanship and integrity need to be addressed and embraced by all those involved in the sports process.

Put the TrueSport Codes of Conduct for athletes, parents and coaches into action.

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Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, a parent, a club, league, team, or school, becoming a true sport is not easy. It takes courage, hard work, and commitment. Do you have what it takes to become a true sport?

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Teammates are
extremely important to upholding the values and Principles of TrueSport. TrueSport depends on alliances with organizations to help deliver our messages and resources to parents, coaches, and athletes around the country.

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test your knowledge from a pool of more than 50 questions pertaining to Olympic history, performance-enhancing substances, and ethics in sport. Can you get a perfect 10 out of 10?

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What is TrueSport?

Part of being an elite athlete, or an athlete at any level, is performing well in your chosen sport(s). It’s a given. It’s what is at the heart of competition – the reward that can come with seeking out the limits of personal achievement. And isn’t it also about possibility? About the amazement of recognizing your potential and striving to attain it.

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