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NICA Coaches - TrueSport Coaching Education Program

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TrueSport's Coaching Education Program is a Professional Development course for all NICA coaching members. Through its partnership with NICA, TrueSport is offering the full 3-course program at a discounted price of just $25.00 to all NICA registered coaches. 

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The TrueSport Coaching Education Program is an online learning platform empowering coaches - the most significant influencers in young athletes’ lives - with the knowledge and resources to cultivate, champion, and uphold the rich promise and highest potential of sport. Tailored to adult learners, the program utilizes engaging and interactive instructional tools. It promotes the principles of true sport and the renewal of the true spirit of athletic competition through instruction on:

  • developing a coaching philosophy and ethics;
  • effective communication and problem-solving techniques with athletes and parents;
  • drug-free sport (performance-enhancing substance prevention);
  • responsibility for sound nutrition and healthy training habits; and
  • supplement and energy drink awareness.

Upon completion of the TrueSport Coaching Education Program, a coach will receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to a wealth of TrueSport resources;
  • TrueSport Coach Certificate for completing the 3-course program;
  • A listing in our searchable, nationwide directory for coaches who complete the 3-course program; and
  • Distinction among discerning parents, athletes, and communities that actively seek sports organizations dedicated to true sport.


Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation
of Coaching E
ducation (NCACE).

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NICA Professional Development Coaching Resource

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TrueSport Coach*


Three-course program just $25.00 for NICA
Coaching Members.
(Voucher Code = NICA2013)

*To become a Certified TrueSport Coach, all
three courses must be completed.



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Program Courses

Each course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, but can vary according to individual learning styles. Courses may be paused, with progress recorded, for completion at a later time without repeating content.

Course 1: Developing Your Coaching Philosophy & Ethics
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Course 2: Understanding Supplements & Energy Drinks
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Course 3: Navigating Performance-Enhancing Substances
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