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Parent Resources

As a parent, you go to great lengths to both safeguard your children and to try to give them the best opportunities. You enroll them in sports activities for the opportunities to make friends and learn new skills. You buy them the best equipment, make sure they remember to bring it to practice, and help them put it on correctly. You watch practices and games so you can be right there for the joyous moments and even the not so joyous ones, and even in case of injury.

While the thrill of the performance is exciting and winning results are alluring, you know that the best reward is seeing the improved confidence, friendships, and overall growth your young athletes gain through meaningful sport experiences. TrueSport Parent Resources are designed to help you ensure a safe, healthy and meaningful sport experience for your children that will support the competitive spirit, as well as maximize their potential both on and off the field.

Being a Part of the Team: The Positive Parent Role

Signing your son or daughter up for a team means that he or she will become a teammate. As a parent, you will likely have many conversations with your young athlete about sharing, supporting, and working through conflict as he/she navigates this important role. Have you thought about the new role you’ll take on once you’ve added his/her name to the roster? What exactly does it mean to be a TrueSport Parent? The athlete’s job is clear. He/she is there to work hard, have fun, learn, and grow. The coach’s job is also straightforward. He/she is the leader, organizer, and teacher. It is the coach’s role to design a safe and effective plan for the season, competition and the development of the charges on the team. So where exactly does that leave you? Chauffeur? Fan? Financier? Support network?

How can the TrueSport Parent best support both the coach and athlete?

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